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Southwire Training

Southwire Extension Cord Basics

1. Anatomy of a Cord
2. What cord for what application?
3. Custom Cords

Southwire MAX Punch 360 PRO and MAX PUNCH XD Knockout Tool Kits

1. What are the two types of Southwire punches?
2. How do they work?
3. What are some of the advantages of these punches?

Southwire Maxis XD1 Circuit Puller

1. What is the XD1 used for?
2. How does it assemble and work?
3. What are the XD1 competitive advantages?

Southwire PB2000 BENDmax Power Pender

1. What is the PB2000
2. How does it work?
3. What are its advantages?

Southwire Portable Power

1. What are they?
2. What are the features and benefits?
3. How do they work?

Southwire String Lights

1. What types are available?
2. What is new in string lights?
3. What are some of the advantages of the LED string lights?

Southwire Temporary Lighting

1. What is the new prefab lighting design?
2. How do you use the lighting layout tool?
3. What is the Southwire Ready2Hang program?

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