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Werner Fall Protection

New ANSI SRL Classes

1. What are the new ANSI classes?
2. What is Leading Edge?
3. What are the new SRL Mounting Options?

Werner Extension Ladder WalkThru

1. Why would you need one?
2. Installing the WalkThru
3. How do you sell it?

Werner Horizontal Lifelines

1. What is the main issue with all horizontal lifelines?
2. How do you properly tension the horizontal lifeline?
3. Why should you never “rig” your own horizontal lifeline without the use of a registered professional engineer?

Werner LiteFit Plus Concrete Construction Harness

1. What is a construction harness?
2. How does this concrete construction harness differ from a regular construction harness?
3. How do you mount a personal SRL to this harness?

Werner R3 Reusable Concrete Anchor

1. What is the R3?
2. How does it mount?
3. What are its advantages?

Werner Switchpoint Fall Protection Harness

1. What is "Switchpoint"?
2. How does it work?
3. How can I demonstrate this for my customers?

WernerCo Distributor Portal

1. What does the Portal hold for you?
2. What should you NOT use it for?
3. Three things that we bet you didn't know the portal was good for.

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